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What are Quick Replies?

Businesses might encounter multiple customers asking the same set of repetitive queries. Answering these repetitive questions is a task that’s time-consuming and valueless for your support team.

Quick replies help you save answers to common queries and personalize them so that your team can select that on-demand and improve their response and resolution times.

Creating Quick Replies in Donut.cx

1. Creating Quick Replies

It is extremely easy for a user to create Quick Replies. Go to the text editor and click on the Quick Replies icon or type a “/” in the Editor. This will open a screen like the one shown below.

Click on “Create new” to create your Quick Replies. You can click on “Add new” to add more Quick Replies to the existing set.

Give a Shortcut code for each Quick Reply. We suggest you use Shortcuts that are short, relevant, and easy to remember.

The character limit for Shortcuts is 20 and 350 characters for the message body.

2. Editing Quick Replies

You can edit any existing Quick Reply. Search or hover over the Quick Reply to which you want to make edits. 

Click the “Edit” button to open the text window, edit and save the Quick Reply.

Using Quick Replies in Donut.cx

1. Using Quick Replies

Users can send Quick Replies by typing “/ ” [forward-slash] in their text editor. This will trigger the search box where you can search using both the shortcut or the content of the Quick Reply.

By default, you are shown the top 10 frequently used Quick Replies. If you have under 10 Quick Replies, all of them are shown. 

You can also use the Quick replies icon in the text editor to access Quick Replies as shown below. 

Use the search bar to search and select the relevant Quick Reply. Selecting the Quick Reply creates a preview in the text editor for you to edit before sending it to the customer.

2. Using Variables

You can use placeholders for variables in your Quick Replies to personalize these messages. Currently we support these 5 variables. 

  1. Customer Name

  2. Customer Number

  3. Buyer ID (Only for Shopee)

  4. Brand Name

  5. Agent Name

These variables are auto-filled once the Quick Reply is selected.

Deleting Quick Replies

To delete a Quick Reply, search or hover on the Quick Reply. Click on the “Delete” button to delete the Quick Reply.


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