Understanding WhatsApp Number Health

Modified on Wed, 25 Jan 2023 at 05:41 AM

While sending broadcast messages, you also need to pay attention to the quality of your phone number rating, also known as WhatsApp Number Health. This needs to be considered to see if your number has good quality for sending broadcast messages. The status rating number shows customer satisfaction with the quality of the broadcast message you send. This rating is calculated based on the number of blocking or spam reports by customers against your number.

Quality number type:

  • Green (Good)

  • Yellow (Medium)

  • Red (Bad)


Make sure your number's quality rating is in green by sending messages with relevant and non-spam content to subscribers. With good message performance such as a high number of read messages, a high speed of replying to messages, your rating status will be safe.

Status rating quality number:

  • Connected (Green): The status of a good number in the rating is green and you can use broadcast normally.

  • Flagged (Yellow): The status when your number rating drops to yellow, if this happens, then WhatsApp will pay attention to the response from your customers for the next 7 days. If there is no negative response from the customer, then the rating status will change back to Green. On the other hand, if there are more and more negative responses during those 7 days, WhatsApp will still return your status to Green, but the number of messages you send will be limited.

  • Restricted (Red): Status when your number has reached the limit of sending messages that were previously limited due to a poor quality rating and your number is red. In this status, you cannot send broadcast messages for the next 24 hours.

How to maintain the quality of your number rating:

  1. Make sure the message you send follows WhatsApp policies.

  2. Send messages that are relevant and useful to customers.

  3. Pay attention to the frequency of sending messages; avoid sending too many messages to customers in a day.

  4. Be careful with messages that contain sensitive information.


Make sure your number rating remains good by paying attention to the quality of the messages you send.

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