Understanding the Team Inbox in Donut.cx

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What is a case?

Most customer service companies use a ticketing system that would treat their customers as tickets and not as people. This heavily affects the experience of customers. Some companies offer a solution to this problem by removing the concept of tickets and replacing them with conversations. But this customer-first approach creates a mess on the company side. Hence we created a solution that reaps the benefits of both the ticketing system and conversation timeline approach.

A case is a series of exchanges between you and your customer within a short span of time. When you or your customer start a conversation, a case is opened. After finishing the conversation, you can mark the case as resolved. When the status of a conversation is marked as “Resolved”, all the messages since the beginning of the case will collapse into a single thread. When the same customer approaches you again, a new case is opened in the same conversation timeline. 

Donut.cx’s conversation timeline maintains all the previous cases in chronological order for you to get historically accurate information without searching anywhere else. 

Case Status

Donut.cx supports the following four statuses:

  • Open

  • Waiting for Customer

  • Waiting for Internal

  • Resolved

You can change case status in two ways: 

1. Using the status dropdown in the conversation timeline view or

2. Using the status dropdown in the right pane


To ensure that you can focus on messaging your customers, Donut.cx’s Inbox is divided into three views. The function of each of each view is as follows:

My Inbox: 

You can view all the conversations assigned to you here. When you resolve a case, it moves out of this inbox

Other Inbox:

All conversations other than the ones assigned to you are available here. This section is further divided into three sub-views: 

  • Unassigned - All new conversations will be available here. Users can assign the conversation to themselves from this inbox.

  • All - Every conversation that took place in your Donut.cx account (including conversations of other agents) will be visible here.

  • Resolved - Whenever you mark a conversation as “Resolved”, they will be moved to this sub-view.


You can view conversations happening in any specific channel by clicking on the respective channel listed here.


You can filter conversations based on the following criteria

  • Filter by status: 
    Click on the filter icon:
    Then click on “Status” and select the desired status(es). Click “Apply”.

  • Filter by Assignee: 
    Click on the filter icon:Then, click on “Assignee” and select the desired assignee(s). You can scroll down or search for assignees using the search bar provided at the top of the dropdown list. Click “Apply”.

  • Filter by Customer: 
    Filter conversations that belong to a particular customer by typing in the customer's name, user ID, or phone number in the search bar


You can sort conversations by clicking on the sort icon:

You have three options to sort:

  • Newest to Oldest

  • Oldest to Newest

  • Time to Expiry

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